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Bespoke curriculum based programs

Bringing diverse modules together in incredible destinations around the world



At Jungle Lore Student Expeditions, we offer bespoke curriculum-based programs in some of the most stunning destinations across the world. Our experienced team collaborates with schools to customise experiential learning opportunities for students that incorporate the key concepts of service, sustainability and conservation while simultaneously providing them with multiple opportunities to develop important skills, dispositions and memories that will last a lifetime. 

On our trips, students across various grade levels can pursue programs related to their areas of interest and interact with experts from a wide range of professions. If desired, students can be given assignments to write on various research topics, inspiring a thirst for discovery and the conservation of our planet. 

Our fundamental goal is to help schools achieve its mission to nurture and mold students as life-long learners who have the experience, skills, empathy and knowledge to make a significant difference for the betterment of our planet. 

“Jungle Lore Student Expeditions are unique in a way, as its not just trying to ensure that the students have a great time but also making sure that the students become good global social citizens.”

- Mathew Sipple, Deputy Head of Oberoi International School, Mumbai


Translated in Sanskrit as 'Abode of Clouds', Meghalaya stands true to its name with average rainfall as high as 12000mm. The mountainous region is known for its breathtaking Karst landscape, green valleys which are a botanical treasure trove and exploratory opportunities unlike any other. 

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