“We must go beyond textbooks, go out into the bypaths and un-trodden depths of the wilderness and travel and explore and tell the world the glories of our journey.” - John Hope Franklin


 At Jungle Lore Student Expeditions our mission is to provide learning experiences that:

  1. Nurture young people’s love of the natural world and foster their understanding of sustainability
  2. Bring curricular learning alive and in so doing, achieve excellence in learning outcomes
  3. Engender their empathy and develop their commitment to a better, brighter future.


Our expeditions to stunning often relatively inaccessible places bring students into contact with the wondrous diversity of the natural world. They are led through stunning landscapes comprising fascinating geographical features and meet and interact with cultures where the common values that unite us all can be explored through our very different lifestyles. Students learn to enjoy and cherish this world in which we live and reflect upon why it is so important to conserve these great places and consider how they too can play an important role. Through CAS programmes, meaningful interactions and practical benefits result, and each and every location yields its own educational treasures to the students of Biology, Geography, Art, History and so much more.

At Jungle Lore Student Expeditions (JLSE), we believe in helping students rediscover their place in nature. Our expeditions to diverse natural locations both within and outside India provide students with an opportunity to see the world with a fresh perspective, explore natural ecosystems, imbibe local cultures and teach them how to conserve their environment while learning new skills.

Curricular Learning

Students learn best outside the classroom. Students of history can immerse themselves in the 5000 year old Harrapan heritage while getting a chance to partipate in hands on archaelogical activities. Students of ESS may discuss the effects of de-forestation and quarrying on the hillsides of Meghalaya and debate the rights and wrongs of these activities. Biology students create their own pyramids of number and food webs based on their observations from producer to apex predator during safaris or collect objective data using quadrants, camera traps, water and soil analysis in Ranthambore. Wherever we travel, strong links can be made with the curriculum and learning enriched by the novel and interesting contexts in which it is taking place.

Exhilarating Experiences

We specialise in adventure activities in exciting places where the sense of risk can be enjoyed in the sure knowledge of impeccable adherence to international safety-standards. As students rappel cliffs, raft down rivers, scramble through caves or follow jungle trails, they face challenges and joys seeing the world at a different pace and from a different view point – ending the day tired, satisfied and proud. 

What sets us apart:

In one word ‘bespoke’. We tailor our adventures to the needs of you and your students. Given time, we can even scout out new locations especially for you! In consultation with you, we construct programmes:

  1. Designed for the specific age group
  2. Differentiated to meet different learning needs or provide a progressive set of challenges
  3. Incorporating specific curricular learning objectives
  4. Rich in experiential learning activities
  5. To fulfill the needs of CAS and to seed good Social Entrepreneurship Projects
  6. To emphasise the cross-curricular nature of learning
  7. To meet specific needs and objectives of the school such as team-building, rewards or particular projects
  8. To enable students to gain and be certified in new skills such as diving and caving 

Underpinning all of this is the sincere belief that students are our hope and through experience and careful reflection, they will grow to be the leaders of tomorrow, making the right decisions for a sustainable future for us all.


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