A world heritage site of repute, Mulu’s spectacular scenery, complex cave systems and biological significance, make it an outstanding example of the world’s geological history. Although still being studied and explored, this heritage park, is home to a staggering 2,000 species of flowering plants, 450 species of ferns, 4,000 species of fungi, 80 mammal species , 270 bird species, 130 reptile and amphibian species and 50 fish species. 

Nearest Airport: Mulu

Best Time to Visit: Feb to Sept

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A trip to the Mulu Heritage Park should at least be 4 night and 5 days so that it allows students to explore these activities curated for this module comfortably, with clear learning outcomes.

Given below are a few activities that can be conducted at this destination, along with the appropriate age group. Our forte is customisation, so feel free to select ONE, ALL or ANY combination of these activities to design a trip unique to your curriculum and experiential learning needs.

Night Walk (Appropriate Age - 14 years and above)

A nocturnal exploration of the forest paths of the park, will give students an opportunity to see, hear and experience the night sights and sounds of the Bornean rainforest wached over by a canopy of stars. From fireflies to luminescent fungi, the forest is alive at night with the activities of many nocturnal species that are endemic to this region and is an unforgettable experience. 

Exodus of Bats - Deer & Lang Cave Walk (Appropriate Age - 14 years and above)

These caves boast of the world’s largest cave passage and are home to twelve species of bats that have been recorded within the Deer Cave, including the colony of Wrinkled-Lipped Bats estimated to number between 2.5 and 3.5 million individuals. When the bats fly out, it’s a spectacle of nature’s magnificence and bounty that lasts for hours. 

Clear Water Cave & Fast lane Cave (Appropriate Age - 14 years and above)

These caves are accessed through a cruise up the Melinau River in a traditional longboat where one can stop at the local Penan longhouse market en route. A 500-meter rainforest path brings you to the cave entrance where students will begin their 1.5 km underground adventure exploring the geological formations and understanding the cave ecology with the help of expert guides. 

Canopy Walk (Appropriate Age - 14 years and above)

The Mulu Skywalk, is the world’s longest tree based canopy walk stretching for 480 metres suspended about 20 metres above the forest floor. A canopy walk on this walkway winds among the lush tree cover with tranquil river views below and the soaring heights of the nearby limestone cliffs. Exploring the arboreal forest is a unique experience providing a different perspective. 

Garden of Eden Walk (Appropriate Age - 14 years and above)

This is an enchanting walk that takes you through the Deer Cave to where the Bat exodus takes places. The route comes across waterfalls and streams, showcasing the beautiful scenery of the region. 


Made up of 3 countries in 746,000 sqkm of land, Borneo’s forests are home to 221 species of mammals, 620 species of birds, 35% out of its 15,000 plant species that are found nowhere else and over 150 species of dipterocarp trees. In each tree, there are 1,000 insect species. And that’s just a rough estimate. Over the past ten years, 360 new species have been found.

Borneo’s dipterocarp forests are threatened by land conversion to plantation, lack of income-generation for rural communities, immigrant farmers, coal mines, access roads and fire. 

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