Our weekend programs offer students the opportunity to get away from the routine and rejuvenate themselves in the outdoors. Students can choose from a variety of outdoor adventures, depending on their interest level. Trips range from a two-day rafting trip at Kolad to a rappeling trip at Duke's Nose. Whichever path they choose, the students are assured of a weekend of new experiences and learning.

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Rafting at Kolad (Appropriate Age - 14 years and above)

This trip is designed with an objective of inculcating attributes like teamwork, responsibility, management and leadership through adventure activities.

The highlight activity of this program will be rafting which happens in the morning. Kundalika
being a dam-controlled river, rafting is done in the rapids, which are
generated by the water
released from the dam in the morning. The total rafting
distance is 12 kms, which takes
approximately 3 hrs. The rafting is under the guidance of experts.

Rafting is a great sport to instill the spirit of teamwork and leadership.

About Kolad

At a distance of 3 and half hours from Mumbai on the banks of Kundalika lies Kolad, a thriving
tiny village in the Mahad region of the state of Maharashtra. Blessed with natural foliage and
luxuriant greenery, situated at the backdrop of the majestic Sahyadris, Kolad’s magnificent
valleys and marshlands make it a postcard land.

This scenic locale with the fascinating and amazing spectacle of nature is a recommended
spot for those who prefer to enjoy the lovely warmth of nature.

Trek to Rajmachi (Appropriate Age - 13 years and above)

This one night camp is specially designed for students with an objective to challenge their own
physical abilities and stress on life
skills such as teamwork, leadership, self belief and responsibility.

The camp is exclusively focused on creativity and action. The agenda includes trekking, camping, survival skills, first-aid, team games, astronomy session and campfire.

About Rajmachi

“Machi” means a strategically located sentry point and Rajmachi was designed to be the best
watch post during the Maratha reign. The breathtaking views of the Sahyadris from the top
can be attributed to the strategic location of the fort. Students will gain a perspective of how
each fort had a purpose and how ‘Manoranjan and ‘Shrivardhan’, the 2 fortified structures
were used by the Maratha rulers in guarding a huge region due to its strategic location.

Dukes Nose Rappeling at Lonavla (Appropriate Age - 13 years and above)

Dukes nose, near Lonawala is an awe aspiring feature of the Sahyadri mountains. This trek is designed to prepare the students for the formidable adventurous journey that lies ahead for
trekking expeditions.

The Dukes nose adventure comprises of 300 ft rappelling and traverse under the guidance of
trained experts. Apart from the activity, they will also be staying in tents at the base village for
one night honing their campcraft skills.

Orienteering Trek to Sagargad (Appropriate Age - 12 years and above)

If the cloudy days, the lush green hills, the gushing streams, the cascading waterfalls, the misty mountain tops, entice and inspire you we have a perfect respite for you. One of the longer treks, Sagargad is an endurance test. Coupled with the trek will be orienteering practice, where
participants will map down the entire trek using compasses.

About Sagargad

Sagargad is situated near Alibaug, on Mumbai-Alibaug road & at a distance of 8 km before Alibaug. There are two routes that lead to the top of the fort. One is from a village named Khandala and the other is from Vaghole. Both these villages lie on the bus-route to Alibaug, from Mumbai.
The route to Sagargad is a scenic one with lush green vegetation complimented by a relatively thick jungle. We would be taking the route from Khandala to reach to the top.

Trek to Peth (Appropriate Age - 12 years and above)

Peth Fort is situated in Shahpur Taluka, about 21 kms from Karjat station. Also known as “Kothaligad”, the fort was used mainly for storing ammunition. A breathtaking panorama of Karjat
and Bhimashankar can be seen from the top. The most amazing part of the
architecture is the pinnacle that has stone carved steps to go to the top.

Orienteering Day Trip to SGNP (Appropriate Age - 8 years and above)

The objective of the trip is to provide hands on orienteering lessons to students. This will be
achieved via a simple map making activity in the premises of at the Sanjay Gandhi National
Park (SGNP).

Learning from the trip
- How to read a compass
- How to take map making notes
- Scaling in Maps
- Triangulation
- Referencing notes in the region
- Drawing the Map

Nature Trail at Nagla Block (Appropriate Age - 8 years and above)

The trail aims to introduce the students to the pristine biodiversity of mixed deciduous and
mangrove forest. One of most unexplored parts of Sanjay Gandhi National Park, this trail
with an expert will leave ou enchanted with numerous species of geckos, snakes, micro-flora,
butterflies and much more.

The northern most tip of the Sanjay Gandhi National Park hides one of the most mysterious and treasured forest scape. A wonder in itself, the 16 sq. km Nagla block lies within the Thane district
to the north side of the indolent Bassein Creek. A paradise for birders in the winters and a chest
full of rare micro fauna and flora in the monsoon, the Nagla trail has almost everything to offer for
the nature lover in you.

Camp Craft at Salthar (Appropriate Age - 12 years and above)

Salthar near Lonawala is an excellent place to for some camp craft lessons. The trip is
designed to equip students with the requisite camp craft skills like camp set up, camp
maintenance, fire set up, rationing, provisions, food preparation et al.

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