Originally a lake that later dried up, the name Kanaataal comes from the word kana that means ‘sukha’ (dry) and ‘tal’ that means lake. About 2.5 hrs from nearest airport Dehradun, Kanataal is a virgin terrain which offers plenty of opportunities for Himalayan exploration with activities like camping, trekking, rappelling, zipline, jungle trails et all

Nearest airport: Dehradun

Best time to visit: January to March

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A trip to Kanataal should last around 5 days so that it allows students to explore these activities curated for this module comfortably, with clear learning outcomes.

Given below are a few activites that can be conducted at this destination, along with the appropriate age group. Our forte is customisation, so feel free to select ONE, ALL or ANY combination of the below activities to design a trip unique to your curriculum and experiential learning needs.

Rope Activities (Appropriate Age - 13 and above)

Kanataal is blessed with the forest of Kaudaliya which houses the tall trees. This will be our playground for various rope based activities. Apart from learning techniques of ascending, traversing and desent, the students will also learn about equipmnet and application of such techniques.

Ascend, Traverse and Descent (Appropriate Age - 13 and above)

Apart from the thrill of adventure the students will understand the science, the safety aspects and the need for such skills.

Students will also be introduced to Log Bridge and Loop Bridge.

Hike to Surkanda Devi Temple (Appropriate Age - 13 and above)

Surrounded with picturesque natural beauty, the Surkanda Devi Temple is easily accessible through a trek of about 
1.5kms from the village of Kaddukhal on the Chamba and Dhanaulti road. The temple is dedicated to Goddess Parvati
and is perched at a height of about 10,000 feet. It offers a 360 degree view of the Garhwal region of the Himalayas, the Dehradun valley along with snow-covered peaks that add to the beauty of the temple.

Forest Walk (Appropriate Age - 13 and above)

Kanataal has some amazing treks that take you through the forest and offers some mesmerizing views. The Kaudaliya
forest right opposite to the resort, providing enchanting paths through the Himalayan pines. It also provides great
birding opportunity.

Service Project (Appropriate Age - 13 and above)

The service component will focus on problems the locals of Kanataal face and would work towards educating students
in those areas and equipping them with tools to help. They will also have an opportunity to learn from the locals to
ensure that we don’t accompany a sense of charity to the locals.

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