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JLSE offers teachers the unique opportunity to research our destinations prior to selecting a student expedition. Teacher Inspection trips are a great way for you to research a new destination and assess its suitability for your students.

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Advantages of Teacher Inspection Trips


1. Risk Assessment – You can assess the level of risk incurred for the outdoor activities on offer at a particular destination. These include but are not limited to the following:

  • Hazard – Stating the risk involved
  • Likelihood And Seriousness Of Injury – (Possible and fatal, Likely and minor, Unlikely and non-fatal)
  • Control Measures – Measures taken to reduce the likelihood.
  • Further Action – Action to be done incase of injury to reduce risk.
  • Remaining Risk – rated as High/Low/Medium

2. Accommodation Review – You can review the accommodation options on offer and select the option most suitable for your students. 

3. Activity Assessment – Along with determining the safety parameters for the activities and reviewing the measures we have put in place to ensure the safety of the students and accompanying teachers, you can also assess the quality and deliverable skills of each curated activity. 

4. Review Learning Outcomes – Each student expedition is characterised by a set of key learning outcomes designed and customised using a need based approach for each school. These trips give teachers an opportunity to review all that our expeditions have to offer. It provides teacher's with a platform to learn for themselves and understand the ways in which they can incorporate experiential learning into their curriculums.

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