The leaders of tomorrow would require thought processes aligned to fundamentals of sustainability. This module enables the future generation to develop an ideal vision by actively engaging in innovation and real - time activities such as: 

- Wildlife safaris
- Field research
- Grassroots conservation
- Nature trails
- Bio-mimicry workshops

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Preferred Module Design


The Wildlife Conservation Module is designed to help students understand the ecological, cultural and social significance of our nature reserves. This module is designed to tie into the curriculum and educate the students about biodiversity, field research, park administration, geography, communities and conservation initiatives through hands on activities.

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Conservation Theme

All the modules run in and around prominent national parks of the world. These biodiversity treasure troves are under constant threat from poaching for wildlife trade, habitat loss, human-animal conflict and resource depletion. All the modules will be run keeping these issues at the center, ensuring that the service modules work towards mitigation of these threats.

Curricular Connect

1. This module enables teachers to meet the ecological conservation learning outcomes of IGCSE Biology, IB Biology and IB ESS. It also attends to the Geography learning outcomes and can be alligned to the English national curriculum. 

2. The destination featuring terrestrial module can also facilitate data collection and field research to meet the IB Internal Assesment objectives.

3. Terrestrial module can also be run in conjunction with service and sustainability module facilitating environmental conservation.

Tiger Conservation and working with the impacted communities is one of the varied designs of this module. The field research projects, bio-mimicry fueled exploration and safaris have been instrumental in triggering new ideas and projects.

Shashank’s example reflects how these trips can be effective tools for generating ideas. A similar trip trip led him to choose “Population Trends of Tigers” as a topic for his IBDP extended essay, which focused on population modelling using regression.

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