This module brings forth amazing opportunities of life skill development through exposure to adventure activities in stunning landscapes.

Learning Outcomes
- Leadership
- Teamwork
- Self-belief
- Dynamic problem solving
- Perseverance
- Humility and more

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Preferred Module Design


Life is about knowing how to set realistic goals, work well in a team, calculate and mitigate risks for the best outcomes. We focus on attributes like leadership, perseverance, problem solving, creative thinking and practical knowledge aligned with real world issues, which are encouraged through exposure to nature and adventure.

Conservation Theme

All these modules are run in regions with sensitive geological and natural features threatened by unplanned and/or illegal development, deforestation, climate change, lack of education, infrastructure etc. Our modules are focused on these issues with projects like disaster risk reduction, first aid workshop, school development and community infrastructural development in an attempt to mitigate the said issues.

IAYP or Duke of Edinburgh

IAYP (International award for young people) is one of the most adaptable and successful youth empowerment program. Young people are encouraged to show imagination, to be able to look beyond barriers and to set goals, not limits. The challenge for young people is to make things happen rather than wait for things to happen.

The award works on the 4 basic structures, Service, Adventurous Journey, Skills, and Physical Recreation. Activities focussed on these attributes when conducted under the IAYP guidelines helps the students with tools for their life ahead.

We are a preferred and authorised adventure partner for IAYP.

Curricular Connect

Apart from directly linking to the activity component of IB CAS, this module while being run in stunning locations provide enough content to meet IB/IGCSE geography leaning objectives.

Beneath the exterior of a small frame and a shy nature, there was a strong mind filled with perseverance and grit! Perhaps an underdog from his batch, but everyone was pleasantly surprised by Daniel’s exceptional display of leadership abilities during their gruelling four day Himalayan trek.

From keeping up the group morale, stirring tired legs to cooking an entire meal; Daniel displayed remarkable strength of character and an innate sense of leadership. The school kids termed the expedition illuminating in more ways than one.

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