These modules are designed to provide the truest form of experiential learning opportunities.

Features of this module are
- Field studies
- Data collection and analysis
- Research guidance
- Objective based

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Preferred Module Design


A proven method of impactful learning is where students explore real world problems to gain deeper knowledge. This module brings together students and resource experts to co-develop field studies and projects that increase environmental literacy and learning skills, including critical thinking, collaboration, communication and creativity.

Projects are tied in with the curriculum aligning them with IB Internal assessment, IB extended essays, IGCSE coursework and much more.

Conservation Theme

The projects can also be tailored to focus on specific conservation issues. For e.g. a community based project, working towards highlighting the importance of local forests to the residents and helping them adopt sustainable land use practices. 

Curricular Connect

1.This module is designed to facilitate the best form of experiential and cross curricular learning.

2. In conjunction with other modules, the projects can be alligned with IB Internal Assessments directives where students can engage in meaningful data collection towards a specific objective.

"A curriculum based trip was organised in co-ordination with Jungle Lore Student Expeditions who opted for environmental systems and societies as a subject at the IBDP level. Students got an opportunity to examine techniques that are prevalent for estimation of plant and animal species using methods like line transects and quadrats. Other aspects of the field trip included:
- Dynamics of tiger behaviour
- Basics of big game tracking
- Different stake-holders, their roles and responsibilities in tiger conservation.
- Understanding forests and animals
Jungle Lore Student Expeditions and its team were instrumental in identifying places and people for the specific studies."

Madhuri Bhave 
ESS Teacher, Ecole Mondiale, Mumbai

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