Such modules are aimed to initiate change individually and collaboratively focussed towards humanitarian issues across the world.

Learning Outcomes
- Team building
- Humility
- Community service
- Project design and implementation

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Preferred Module Design


The leaders of tomorrow will have to consider the variable aspect of the eco-systems and allign themselves and act upon the fundamentals of sustainability. Along with impact oriented services, our modules focus on providing sustainable solutions to real world problems. They run as standalone modules as well as interspersed with other modules under an overarching theme like tiger conservation, sustainable livelihood, disaster management, marine conservation etc. thus creating a synergy.

Students are involved in the entire project, right from the inception of an idea, visualizing the concept, creating designs, checking for any deviations, assessment of the problems/solutions and last but not the least implementing it.

Conservation Theme

This module is specifically designed to focus on all areas regarding conservation. With our experts, students will be involved in identification of a threat, to designing sustainable solutions and impact assessment of the project.

Curricular Connect

1. This module directly relates to the IB CAS directives where students can design, formulate and participate in a service based project. 

2. This module when run in conjunction with the marine module, one can engage in marine conservation. This applies for the terrestrial module as well.

“The art project done by Ecole Mondiale School was a wonderful and unique gift to our school. The murals carried messages about the natural environment and importance of conserving the Himalayas. This initiative not only brightened up our school walls but built a sense of ownership and pride in our students. The paintings have helped to initiate interaction on environmental topics and inspire them to learn more about the world around them."

Primary School Principal, Chilla, Rishikesh

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