Set in some of most stunning destinations of the world, these expeditions are a great learning platform.

Learning outcomes
- Cave exploration

- Climate change research
- Speleology and Geography
- Self belief and leadership
- Orienteering

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Preferred Module Design


This module enables students to explore the virgin cave system in a scientific and safe way while examining the best examples of cave formations (stalactites, stalagmites, flowstones, columns etc.) in the world. Under the guidance of field experts students will also learn as to how these caves help in learning about earth’s geological and climatic history.

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Conservation Theme

Cave research has revealed a lot about earth’s climatic changes. Caves often contain elevated levels of Carbon Dioxide (CO2), hence their conservation is of utmost importance. The mineral deposits in old caves have been undergoing this process for centuries. Extremely rare and highly delicate deposits are disturbed by changes in light levels, humidity, and temperature or air flow. Excessive human footprint, garbage carried via rivers, discharge of industrial effluents etc. and worst of all uncontrolled stone quarrying have posed a major threat.

Our module works towards creating awareness in the community about the value of caves and threats they face. 


Curricular Connect

1. This modules helps meet objectives of the activity component of CAS module.

2. This module enables teachers to meet the learning outcomes of IB geography  or IGCSE geography. 

"Exploring cave ecosystems and teaching students its intricacies and importance of protecting these treasured resources is extremely rewarding. The students’ response is very encouraging and helps us to always deliver an experience, which is safe, fun and educational. Alisha, one of the students aptly put it across as - “It was highly fascinating to learn how cave formations could be used to analyse the climatic history of the planet!”

Adam, Speleologist

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