Jungle Lore Student Expeditions is committed to running safest expeditions possible. Our expedition leaders make sure things run smoothly and safely on every expedition. Along with experts we ensure our expeditions are designed and managed to the highest safety standards. 


All components of the trip are analysed with the following variables in mind 

- Hazard: Stating the risk involved  
- Likelihood and Seriousness of the Injury: (e.g. Possible and fatal, Likely and minor, Unlikely and non-fatal) 
- Control Measures: Measures taken to reduce the likelihood.
- Further Action: Action to be done incase of injury to reduce risk. 
- Remaining Risk: rated as High/Low/Medium 


- Doctor on call available. Doctor can travel along with the group if required
- Nearest Hospitals and Emergency procedure accounted for 
- All instructors and facilitators are First Aid - CPR certified
- Medical facilities can be set up at camps with resident doctors 
- Vehicle available at site 24x7
- Incase of emergency, parents are informed immediately and contact with personal doctors are established as well


- Briefing prior to the trip (things to carry).
- Briefing at camp and before every activity 
- Camps or resorts will be well equipped with trained staff and watchmen 
- First aid kit available at all times via instructors or trip leaders
- Hygienic and clean accommodations are top priority


- Red Cross Society approved first aid certifications. For e.g. WFA by NOLS 
- Adventure instructors carry rescue level certifications. For e.g. Swift Water Rafting Technician Certification (International certification for search and rescue operators) 
- Adventure equipment maintained via Logbook and is UIAA standards. 
- Jungle Lore is adventure partner for IAYP (Duke of Edinburgh).

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